Zbrush for Illustration – HD training Online Free

Zbrush for Illustration – HD resolution Training on Vimeo.com

This video training album was originally created with Zbrush 2.0. This video deals
with tools associated with creating a image and rendering it inside of
Zbrush itself without using any external art package. Not many of the
tools or techniques dealing with rendering have changed at all, so this training is still very
current to Zbrush 3.0 and on.

I have trimmed off the original first three hours as it deals with
modeling, since those modeling tools definitely have changed since the new

There are six chapters included in this training.

The complete Zbrush for Illustration training was trimmed down to five minutes for people with A.D.D here.

The final Image can be seen here (2000 x 2000 pixel image that was scaled down from 4096 x 4096):