Zbrush 3 Beta Testing

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people on the beta test team for Zbrush 3. It’s been an incredible experience watching the developers make one improvement after another and raise the digital modeling bar with each new, previously unthought of tool that they add. 

My favorite images that I have created while beta testing Zbrush 3 are available for veiwing in this thread on the Zbrush Central website <Here>.

To see the whole amazing collection of beta tester created images, including some of the best digital sculpting examples created to date, go <Here>

 Zbrush 3 will be released May 15th, 2007.


I am also announcing the Introduction to Zbrush 3 DVD which will be released around the release of Zbrush 3 by Pixologic.  I’ve been working closely with the developers to be able to bring this instructional DVD to life.  It will cover all of the old and new features of this mind blowing upgrade to the most important digital sculpting package of our time.  Look for it on the Gnomon Workshop website when released.