The Future of Art


I’ve re-cut my
animation festival award winning short "The Future of Art" and released it on YouTube.   I cut more than five minutes off of it.

This was my first independent animation that I ever created.  I quit my job designing video games (Beyond Games) and spent the  next six months in my basement creating 9 minutes of animation.  It took a bit longer then because my main workstation was a 750 mhz PC with one gig of ram.  I think that’s what my cell phone has now…. 

The original won "Best Animation" at the SlamDunk
film festival in Park City, Utah (2001).   The standards were lower for 3d animation then. 😉         A detailed interview about this animation is available <here>.

Now with the song "Metavoid" by Lustmord.   I did the crappy sound effects.



YouTube comments <Here>