Renderosity Interactive Magazine

Featured in volume 3/issue 2 of the Renderosity Interactive Magazine in an article entitled "Master in our midst".

title "Maya Master" is earned by only a select few each year, and
signifies more than mastery of a CG program. Recognizing the artist’s
ability to lead and break new ground through innovation, insight, and
application of one’s skills, Maya Masters inspire and drive the
industry forward." – Sergio Rosa

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thanks Sergio Rosa [Nemirc] and Dee-Marie


Zbrush2 Overview

testing of the new Zbrush is over and it’s finally released.
Congratulations Pixologic! Zbrush is a revolutionary digital sculpting
program that should be in every modelers toolbox. More about Z2 on Pixologics page <here>.

Pixologics complete Practical Guide can be downloaded <here>.

Quick overview of my workflow using Zbrush 2 <here>.


thanks Jaime Labelle and Ofer Alon (Pixolator)


Maya 4.5 Fundamentals

"Etcher" image printed in the book – "Maya 4.5
Fundamentals" by Jim Lammers and Lee Gooding. It has a lot of great
information and covers every aspect of Maya really well. I definately
recommend this book if you are trying to learn this program.


thank you Jim Lammers

Independent Film Channel

I was featured on the IFC TV program iFilm@IFC. My
feature was sandwiched between Lisa Kudro’s and Don Cheadle’s.
"….Plus, The Future of Sex, a cutting-edge film about, well, the
future of sex. We’ve got the First Look….." Click here to see it.


thanks Cindy Vandor