Maori Eye

Maori Eye
Created and rendered in Zbrush.

Here are a few images that I should have posted about 4 months ago when
I first did them….how time flies. These were made for the Pixologic
booth at Siggraph this year, one was also used at the Gnomon booth.

I created both images at 4096 x 4096 and then scaled up in photoshop to
3 1/2 foot wide and 4 1/2 feet tall @ 200 dpi, which held up pretty
well. You can’t see any pixels (or pixols) in the prints themselves, so
I was happy.

My working method for these was to create the base 3d object and then
turn them into Pixols as soon as possible so I could paint in the
details with the 2 and a half D tools. I do all of my work on a laptop
nowadays, so converting them to Pixols made it easy to work in the
higher resolutions.

Commisioned by Pixologic

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