Scott Spencer review

Scott Spencer has reviewed my "Zbrush for Illustrators DVD" on

style is accessible and his delivery clear and concise. He is a gifted
instructor as he can clearly communicate the concepts and methods he is
portraying on screen while he works."

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Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop

Featured in the new book "Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop" by Daniel Gray and published by Sybex.

"When it comes to blending the strength of Maya and Photoshop with the power of natural and industrial imagery, Meats Meier has definitely found the right recipe. His otherworldly images and brilliant construction cross the line between mechanical nature and nature itself. Machines become organic structures. Metal takes on life. The essence of form is reduced to wireframes?not just 3D wireframes, but actual frames of wire. When you see it, you want to believe it."

Very impressive book – Amazon link <here>


thanks Daniel Gray