San Francisco


The Golden Gate bridge viewed from Baker Beach.


My first room that I rented for a few months when first arriving in San Francisco to work at the Orphanage (website), a visual effects house, as a technical director / compositor.  I named the place "Purein" short for pure urine.  The place was super small and stinky.  I had my back to the other wall to take this picture.  I had freelance that I needed to finish up, so I made a temporary desk to work on.



The front entrance to the Orphanage in the Presido, San Francisco. 



A view of the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge from the office window at the Orphanage. 



The Famed Baker Beach. 



My first week at the Orphanage, I wasn’t quite set-up to be able to work yet, so my supervisor told me to relax and hang out, to go to Baker Beach and relax for a while.  When I got there I quickly realised that it was a gay beach (good one, Aaron).  I decided to take a short cut out when I started to feel uncomfortable, so I went straight up through the brush.

I ran right through a big bush of poisen oak (which I happen to be really allergic to) and I broke out all over my body.  Yes, on my bits as well (thanks for asking, Justin).  It was a great first two weeks at work meeting people and dripping puss out of my gaping wounds at the same time.




The Golden Gate bridge in some fog.


The Golden Gate bridge in some fog.




A Gravestone in the Pet Cemetary in the Presidio.   I thought this was interesting because it’s obvious that someone painted over a previous chinese pet gravestone. 



A G.I. Pet did his time.  I’m sure it was easier than doing time as a homeless guys pet.


The Pet Cemetary. 


My first real place in San Francisco.  All that I had was a sleeping bag and my computer workstation.



I lived across the street from Golden Gate park in the Haight.  My front yard was "hippy hill".  I spent many hours studying the hippies like Jane Goodall studied the apes.