Puscifer Vinyl Album Cover Art

Puscifer released several new items today, including two 7" vinyl record albums that have my art on the covers. 


Front of DoZo 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song DoZo and a Lustmord "Guns for Hire" mix. 




DoZo 7" Vinyl back cover art 



Front of Queen B 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song Queen B and a Lustmord  Trip E mix.




Queen B 7" Vinyl back cover art


Also released today is the "V is for Viagra" remix album (which I love).

All are available at the Puscifer.com website

Puscifer.com > Ltd. Edition Items & Art

Suicide Girls "V is for Viagra" Mjk interview 



Listen on the Puscifer Myspace page HERE.