Puscifer Los Angeles weekend photos

I had a great time at the Puscifer Los Angeles weekend  (April 4th and 5th) at Club Nokia.  They put on an excellent and unique show both nights (each night was completely different).

I got some great footage of the entire show both nights on my HD camera.  Here are a few stills from the video, filmed during Millas performance.  I will add more as I get them.


Patrick Surace photos from the evening here

Puscifer website here.


Milla, Rani Sherone, Tim Alexander, Gil Sherone, Danny Carey on stage.


Comedian Jay Johnstone, MIlla, Laura Milliagan, Juliettte Commagere.


MJK, Juliette, Milla.


Billboard animation.


Danny Carry,  Johnny Polonski.


One of my animations playing in the background.



My art above Matt McJunkins (Sunday night show).           Photo:  P. Surace


Johnny Polonski (Sunday night show).
          Photo:  P. Surace



Puscifer Club Nokia Los Angeles Reviews: 


"Pucifer hit Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night, a
three-ring circus sideshow of skits, side-splitting video segments and,
of course, musical performance that displayed a set of material in a
state of continuing evolution. It was a satirical variety show that
slaughtered sacred cows not just for the fun of it, but as part of a
larger celebration of the absurd."

ANTIQUIET show review.


"A lot of the interstitial film pieces were different from the Las Vegas
show. Some of the more memorable pieces include "Camp Crystal Meth"
with hockey masks from Friday the 13th, "Jesus Bread" with the slogan
"He has risen" and "Alley headshots" which showed pictures of actors
getting shot in an alley. It is difficult to describe these visual
pieces of comedic genius. "


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