Karma To Burn Music Video

Karma To Burn music video for the song The Cynics


The Scourge of the Babykicker – Vol. 1


     Karma to Burn  LINK

     Napalm Records LINK 


Father and Babykicker – Apricot Mantle  LINK

Mother – Jessica Ward LINK

The Town’s Official Baby Inspectors –

      Misaki Sawada LINK

      Liliana Feliciano  LINK 

Funeral Director – Alex Alvarez  LINK

The Broiler – Dani Volpe LINK

Babykicker Babyhead – Grant Sharone  (Gil Sharone’s boy, his first starring role) LINK

Big thanks to  Rick Hilgner for help on the Babykicker costume and motorcycle.

Babykicker helmet used a mask purchased from Landon Meier LINK

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Unnatural Disaster Event

I’m participating in the UNNATURAL DISASTER event on June 3rd in Los Angeles.

"The unnatural Disaster event is benefit art show for the victims of the recent Japanese disasters. Some helping from creative mind Giorg Yela. Some performances will be by Clevis, ITom Lab, and participating artists include Chet Zar, Christopher Owen, Meats Meier, Taslimur, J. Slattum, and many others."


If you can’t attend but would still like to donate you may do so by visiting the website www.unnaturaldisaster.org




I will be doing a live airbrush piece with the master airbrush artist GEARBOXX .



Conjoined in 3D Show Photos

The Conjoined in 3D show was a blast.
Meats Meier creation 3d print

My first 3D Print:  CREATION


10 year anniversary of making the model using Maya 1.0

Resin 12"

Printed by Grow It 3D (LINK)

Grow It 3D was great to work with and I highly recommend them for 3d printing!


 Meats Meier and Kris Kuksi
Me and Kris Kuksi (kuksi.com)

 Meats Meier 3d Artist and Emily
With Emily, the CoproGallery dog

More Photos <HERE>


Patrick Surace Photos from the show <HERE>

The closing party will happen the afternoon of Feb 12th.