Mentoring Month

I spent this month traveling and sharing a bit of CG concepts and knowledge. 



First at the Truemax school in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I was a supervisor for the students during their final demo reel creation.  There was some really nice work that was created in that class, and it was a lot of fun.



Then to Fresno, California for a week, where I was a guest artist in the California State Universities Summer Arts program –  "Animation: creating digital actors" course.   The program was very impressive.  In just two weeks, the students begin by creating 2D concept art, then digitaly sculpt their characters using both Zbrush and Maya.  The students then direct an actor on a motion capture stage and apply the motion to their rigged characters inside of Motion Builder.  The animation will then be pre-rendered for a final animation clip.  Also, the students will prepare their models to be printed in a 3D printer, to be able to hold the final sculptures in their hands.  All of this will be brought together and shown in a final gallery show.  Not too shabby.  I will provide links to the show once it is available.