Meats News Updates

New Interview at the beinArt Surreal Collective:


new interview with the beinArt Surreal Collective is up – read all
about the wonderful wacky world of….uh…me (and my adventures as a
digital artist in the year 2000 and beyond).

Read interview <HERE>


Google Update:


This site has hit the top ten in most 3d catagories in a Google search.

Search for 3d art      =   #4 out of 104 million

Search for 3d artist  =   #5 out of 2 million 


 Working with Maynard:


I’ve been working with Maynard (TOOL,Perfect Circle) on two videos for his project band Puscifer
We’ve started on production for the first video recently. I had MJK
scanned into a 3D model, and I am now making him do things like
virtually break-dance and professionally river-dance using motion
capture technology.  I can’t show any images or animations yet, but I
really can’t wait until I can – it’s some of my best work yet
IMHO…and it’s for a really cool song.
There will be much more to follow….

He hopes to release the Puscifer album in September.

In the mean-time, there is  Cuntry Boner … 🙂

Puscifer website