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Personal blogs, photos, images, tomfoolery, etc.

CGnetworks Portfolio My portfolio on CgNetworks (CGsociety).  Feedback page.
Gallery on Raph3d My artwork that has been on the web since 2001.
Gnomon Workshop Professional Training DVDs for aritists.  3d, visual effects, and digital art.
Gnomon School of Visual Effects High end 3d and digital training in Hollywood, California.
beinArt Surreal Art Collective Beinart international surreal art collective. The definate list of surrealistic art.

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CG Forum Sites


One of the oldest and greatest CG forum and plug-in storehouse. Go here to find every MEL script for Maya ever made.

CG Society

The most popular CG art forum on the net – overflowing with talent. A great place to get feedback on your work from some of the industries best.


The premiere CG news site and forum.


An online community for ZBrush users to share ideas.

3dTotal The CG artists homepage. Free stuff, forums, galleries. The Russian Zbrush portal.

3D Artists who have my respect

Taron Half crazy, half genius, all around nice guy.

Steven Stahlberg

What can I say about him that already hasn’t been said? A master of both 3D and 2D digital art. Link contains information on his new cutting edge studio.

Jason Schleifer Top animator, rigger, and artist.
Antropus Kris Costa, one of the worlds most talented CG artist and animators.

Eni Oken

Award winning 3D freelance artist. Pioneer of 3D as art. Her site features a highly recommended online 3D workshop – direct link here.

Pascal Blanche

Wonderful creative 3D artist and animator.

Micheal Sormann

A talented Maya artist.

Ed Harris

The site of XSI guru Ed Harris. Lots of great tutorials.

Alyssia G. Kim

The artwork of Alyssia G. Kim. Impressive realistic humans.

Dmitry Savinoff

A master of 3D light. One of my favorite digital artists.

Rene Garcia – the art of Rene Garcia. Nice.

Jimmy Maidens

Boring 3D is the name but it’s anything but. Be sure to check out the archives.

Julian J Mortimer

Kick ass character artist.

Neil Blevins

An early source of inspiration and a some of the best barbeque sauce in town.

Leigh Van Der Byl Cool girl and texture and lighting artist.
Chad Hamlet Character Artist (modeler).
Eric Scala Excellent 2d and 3d artist.
Jean-Sebastien Rolhion This guy rules. 3d artist, and good at it.


3D Motion Tracking Artists

Brian Ellebracht Personal portfolio site of Brian Ellebracht. Great motion tracker and one of the fastest vehicle modelers that I’ve ever seen.

Matt Rizos website owner. Interesting and difficult tracks and animation.

Gregg Lukomski

Pro matchmover with great information and reviews on this subject on his site.


3D Gallery


A great gallery and free model resource. Also home of the Threedee forums.

Highend3D Gallery

One of the first collections of 3D art.


The most respected 3D art gallery on the web. If you get your art in here, you are gold.


Probably the largest digital gallery, a lot of art to see and a lot of eyes to see your art as well. Mostly a Poser 3D site.

Gallery of 3D

Includes thousands of images, animations, competitions and 3D Links.


A new, high quality 3D gallery with an excellent submission process – including free uploads to their super fast server.


An awards gallery featuring the best of 3d (and 2d) artists.


Traditional Artists

Dmochowski Gallery

Beautiful artworks by Zdzisław Beksiński and many others.

Mark Ryden

What can I say, one of my favorites..take a peek.

Todd Schorr

Great artist – cool characters.


"Tiki" artist. You will like.

Derek Hess

Wonderfull illustrative style paintings.

Cam De Leon

Traditional and digital artist master, TOOL artist.  Happy

Peter Adler

Brilliant German sculptor and painter.

Gordon Adler

Great designer and photographer (another creation of Peter Adler).

Johnny BeInArt

beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective.

Ryan Peterson

The best sculptor that I know.

Chet Zar Skilled painter and animator, TOOL artist.



Juxtapoz Magazine

My favorite art magazine. Featuring low-brow art. Owned by Robert Williams.

Surreal & Visionary forum The largest surreal & visionary artist links gallery on the web.

VFX talk

Visual Effects news and forum.


Kurt Larsen – Great web designer and 3d artist.


One of the best digital illustration gallery and info site.

Heavy Backpack

A creative catalogue.


Discover the latest FREE 3D Art downloads, tutorials, 3D Art news, 3D models, and links.

Michael Baird Excellent web designer. Architect of this site and many others.
Patrick Surace Web designer, 3d Artist, and Photographer.   Designed a lot of the flash on this site.
Dark Links The dark side of the net. Art, etc.
the Orphanage San Francisco visual effects studio. Offical website for the music of TOOL. Hungarian TOOL website.
DHG design Marketing and creative services.
Boonika Artist interviews, links, galleries.
IMDB The Internet movie data-base.
3Dmented Inhabitants of an insanely 3d world.




Autodesk (Formerly Alias/Wavefront) 3D program – my main software package.


Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.


Creators of the amazing modeling tool Zbrush 2.

Taronite Cool plug-ins for after effects.  Taron’s Taronites.

Grow It 3D 

Excellent 3d Printers 

Airship Ambassador

Airship Ambassador – Steam punk links – artists


Linky Links

Wicked Zines Adult art links. Erotic, fantasy, dark, gothic, fetish.

Daz Productions

Quality 3d content for art and animation.

Patrick Gavin

Search engine optimization services and recources.

3d-Station French 3d portal
Joshua Cortopassi Visual effects artist.
Agora Gallery Fine arts gallery, Chelesea New York.
the Art Index Your source for all things art.
Ben Procter Conceptual design, illustration, visual effects portfolio.

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