Karma To Burn Music Video

Karma To Burn music video for the song The Cynics


The Scourge of the Babykicker – Vol. 1


     Karma to Burn  LINK

     Napalm Records LINK 


Father and Babykicker – Apricot Mantle  LINK

Mother – Jessica Ward LINK

The Town’s Official Baby Inspectors –

      Misaki Sawada LINK

      Liliana Feliciano  LINK 

Funeral Director – Alex Alvarez  LINK

The Broiler – Dani Volpe LINK

Babykicker Babyhead – Grant Sharone  (Gil Sharone’s boy, his first starring role) LINK

Big thanks to  Rick Hilgner for help on the Babykicker costume and motorcycle.

Babykicker helmet used a mask purchased from Landon Meier LINK