Gallery Opening – Hologram Show

The Christian Science Monitor has published a story on the RabbitHole hologram technology.  They used my artwork for the image, and I got a quote in as well.  <Story Here>


Gnomon Gallery hologram show.  The show will feature some of the best 3d artists on the planet, showing their work the way it was meant to be seen – in full holographic form!  RabbitHoles media has printed limited edition prints using their holographic 3d motion technology just for the show.  

 Show opening August 12th (Tuesday night) starting at 7:30 and will then run for one month.  Located in beautiful Hollywood, CA.


More information here: <Gnomon Gallery>   <RabbitHoles Media>


I also got a mention in this Computer Graphics World article, "Dimensional Art" by Linda Law.


A photo of my hologram that will be on display, the Siggraph Animation Mother.


3d Glasses version of the Animation Mother.