the Art of Sketch Theatre show

I will be participating in the The Art of Sketch Theatre show on the 21st of this month. 

It is being held at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood. 

There will be affordable art from artists like Chet Zar, Travis Louie, the Black Frog, and many more.

Come and check out the live models being sketched, DJ, and open bar. 

If you are near LA, I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to go… 🙂

Sketch Theatre website here.

Opening reception – Saturday, March 21st, 7:00 pm – Midnight


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Photos from the Puscifer Vegas Weekend

Puscifer put on an amazing first set of shows in Vegas at the Palms casino on Valentines weekend.  A bunch of new animations that I created were shown on the big screens.  Me and my ninja friend Patrick were able to film all three shows while running around and didn’t fall once.  We got some good footage that I hope I can put to good use at some point.


BOB animation playing on the big screen.
Some of Patricks great photos from the weekend are HERE.

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Zbrush for Illustration – HD training Online Free

Zbrush for Illustration – HD resolution Training on

This video training album was originally created with Zbrush 2.0. This video deals
with tools associated with creating a image and rendering it inside of
Zbrush itself without using any external art package. Not many of the
tools or techniques dealing with rendering have changed at all, so this training is still very
current to Zbrush 3.0 and on.

I have trimmed off the original first three hours as it deals with
modeling, since those modeling tools definitely have changed since the new

There are six chapters included in this training.

The complete Zbrush for Illustration training was trimmed down to five minutes for people with A.D.D here.

The final Image can be seen here (2000 x 2000 pixel image that was scaled down from 4096 x 4096):

the New Book of Knowledge



A page about me and my Rabbithole created holograms was included in the 2009 version of

The New Book of Knowledge

(in the section on creativity)



 I had all of the hard-bound volumes of these encyclopedias when I was growing up, and I really liked reading them. They include a lot of interesting, random information.  

Besides the printed version:

By an agreement with Scholastic, Grolier publishes the contents of the encyclopedia online with registration.

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Modest Mouse Video preview

One of the fun projects that I’m working on right now is visual effect shots for a new Modest Mouse video directed by Kevin Willis

You will probably be familiar with Kevin Willis’s work on many of the famous TOOL videos. 

The photos below are from the live action shoots.


On set.

Smoke machine in the Angeles Crest Mountains.  The fire department was called several times.

One of the stars of the video.    I’m building a CG version of this guy.

Go-motion actor  Kevin Willis with producer Brett-Patrick Jenkins making a character walk.  
Filmed with the RED camera.