Scars Magazine Interview

I have images and an interview in the June 2009 issue of Scars

(the independent magazine for horror and dark culture).



The cover features a Nazi zombie from the Norwegian movie "Dead Snow". Trailer for the movie here.



 Scars Magazine link here.

The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects book

Several of my images were printed as examples in the new 4th edition of Isaac Kerlows book –

The Art of 3d Computer Animation and Effects.



I found it to be an excellent book that covers every aspect of 3d.  You can read more about it here on


 A few shots from inside the book:

Last of the Leaves


Mother Nature – Winter

Modest Mouse video

The Modest Mouse video that I helped with has been released

(with over a 100,000 views on their Myspace page the first weekend).

Video directed by Kevin Willis, produced by Brett-Patrick Jenkins both from

Old World Monkey (site).


"This project was a long process and there is no way it could’ve been
done without the help of so many people like Travis Shinn (DP) , Meats
Meier, Chet Zar, everyone at Buddy Systems, OTMFC, Alan Hurley, and so
many more." – Brett-Patrick Jenkins


Stolen Babies – Art

A 30 second preview of the animations for the band "Stolen Babies" live show.  Work in progress.

Song: "Filistata" from the album "There Be Squabbles Ahead" (2006)

Instrument modeling – rigging and Russian dolls, by Patrick Surace.

Click image to see more images and photos from the shows.

Fantastyka Magazine Cover

meats meier cover of fantastyka magazine

My "Reverse Gas Mask"  image on the cover of the Polish magazine, Nowa Fantastyka.  May 2009.

"Appearing since 1982, "Nowa
Fantastyka" is both an ambitious literary monthly and a colorful
magazine of art, film, science and cyberculture. In our view, science-fiction
is a genre of modern literature that should deal with the past,
the present and the future; it should concern itself with science,
civilisation, politics, religion."