Gallery Opening – Hologram Show

The Christian Science Monitor has published a story on the RabbitHole hologram technology.  They used my artwork for the image, and I got a quote in as well.  <Story Here>


Gnomon Gallery hologram show.  The show will feature some of the best 3d artists on the planet, showing their work the way it was meant to be seen – in full holographic form!  RabbitHoles media has printed limited edition prints using their holographic 3d motion technology just for the show.  

 Show opening August 12th (Tuesday night) starting at 7:30 and will then run for one month.  Located in beautiful Hollywood, CA.


More information here: <Gnomon Gallery>   <RabbitHoles Media>


I also got a mention in this Computer Graphics World article, "Dimensional Art" by Linda Law.

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Mentoring Month

I spent this month traveling and sharing a bit of CG concepts and knowledge. 



First at the Truemax school in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I was a supervisor for the students during their final demo reel creation.  There was some really nice work that was created in that class, and it was a lot of fun.



Then to Fresno, California for a week, where I was a guest artist in the California State Universities Summer Arts program –  "Animation: creating digital actors" course.   The program was very impressive.  In just two weeks, the students begin by creating 2D concept art, then digitaly sculpt their characters using both Zbrush and Maya.  The students then direct an actor on a motion capture stage and apply the motion to their rigged characters inside of Motion Builder.  The animation will then be pre-rendered for a final animation clip.  Also, the students will prepare their models to be printed in a 3D printer, to be able to hold the final sculptures in their hands.  All of this will be brought together and shown in a final gallery show.  Not too shabby.  I will provide links to the show once it is available.

Levis Digital Sculpture

I created a couple of fully rigged digital sculptures of a Copper man and woman for a surrealistic Levis Jeans campaign. I worked with BBH Singapore on this project.


The upper region.


Chest detail. The render was life sized for very close viewing.



Rigging test "Meat"al Sculptures. Patrick in background. Click image above to play. Jingle by Lustmord.


The commercial created by BBH (I just made the model). Click image above to play.


Now, the best part – the comments that this campaign received are available HERE 🙂

 Also HERE and HERE.

The Future of Art


I’ve re-cut my
animation festival award winning short "The Future of Art" and released it on YouTube.   I cut more than five minutes off of it.

This was my first independent animation that I ever created.  I quit my job designing video games (Beyond Games) and spent the  next six months in my basement creating 9 minutes of animation.  It took a bit longer then because my main workstation was a 750 mhz PC with one gig of ram.  I think that’s what my cell phone has now…. 

The original won "Best Animation" at the SlamDunk
film festival in Park City, Utah (2001).   The standards were lower for 3d animation then. 😉         A detailed interview about this animation is available <here>.

Now with the song "Metavoid" by Lustmord.   I did the crappy sound effects.



YouTube comments <Here>


Siggraph Animation Festival Artwork

I was to asked to create the main image for the 2008 Siggraph Animation Festival.   I worked with Jill Smolin, the conference entertainment director of the festival this year on both the 3D digital sculpture and a holographic RabbitHoles version for the Nokia Center.  Created with Maya 2008, Zbrush, and Groboto.  Groboto is an amazing program that I am currently studying.  It is created by  Braid Art Labs and is worth a look.


Black and white version



Click Image to read a feature story on the image itself and to see the festival preview trailer on

A.D.D. Zbrush for Illustration

The creation of the image "Arm Upgrade" was originally screen-captured real time, finishing with a total of around 21 hours of footage. It was then edited down to 323 minutes of lecture and detailed explanation for the Gnomon Workshop training dvd – "Zbrush for illustration".  In the dvd, I explained my techniques for using Zbrush 2 (!) to create a high resolution illustration from scratch. I build the 3d elements directly on the canvas and then arrange them into an composition and render the final image using the internal Zbrush renderer.  This DVD is out of date now, most of the techniques that I used don’t even work anymore in the new version.





I’ve created a version for people with really low attention spans, now the entire video is under five minutes.  I’ve also added music by Lustmord so that blind people aren’t completely left out.   This version is also great for robots or aliens that can scan through web or book pages in an effort to quickly understand a concept over the course of a single quick-cut montage.  No learning will occur during the viewing of this video for standard humans.


YouTube comments on this video HERE.



At the Lustmord studios. I was lucky to get out alive.


A high resolution print of the "Arm Upgrade" image in the background.

There is nothing interesting happening in the foreground.


Puscifer Vinyl Album Cover Art

Puscifer released several new items today, including two 7" vinyl record albums that have my art on the covers. 


Front of DoZo 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song DoZo and a Lustmord "Guns for Hire" mix. 




DoZo 7" Vinyl back cover art 



Front of Queen B 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song Queen B and a Lustmord  Trip E mix.




Queen B 7" Vinyl back cover art


Also released today is the "V is for Viagra" remix album (which I love).

All are available at the website > Ltd. Edition Items & Art

Suicide Girls "V is for Viagra" Mjk interview 



Listen on the Puscifer Myspace page HERE.