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Hello, and welcome to 3dArtSpace.com.  I’m Meats Meier and this is my portfolio of some of the projects that I have created.   I work in both the 2nd and 3rd dimension using software such as Maya and Zbrush for modeling and animation, and use programs like Photoshop and After Effects to composite the images into Animations and high resolution Fine Artwork.  I also enjoy compositing 3d elements into live action DV and HD footage and then matching the colors and movement for seamless integration.

I take a lot of pictures, some of which you can see in the Photo section.

My biography, demo Reel, video interviews, and book appearances can be found in the

About Meats section.

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PUSCIFER Vegas Promo

Press the arrows in the corner of the video for full screen. 


I created a 45 second commercial announcing PUSCIFERs first live set of shows.

These cabaret shows will be held at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 13, 14, and 15.

This event is SOLD OUT


K-Rock article – Tool’s Maynard Heads To Vegas


V is for Vegas: Tool frontman to merge variety-show concept with musical side project at the Palms


Gothic Art Now

Four of my 3D drawerings were printed in the new book – "Gothic Art –
The Very Best in Contemporary Gothic Art and Illustration". It’s a
really good looking book – beautiful, dark images throughout.

The book features artwork by Chet Zar, Laurie Lipton, Brom, Eric Scala and many more…



Gothic Art Now

Jasmine Becket-Griffith


"For the first time ever, Gothic Art Now brings the very best in dark artwork into the light in one visually stunning volume. Showcasing artists from across the globe, Gothic Art Now
reveals their exciting and dynamic new images in this unique
collection. Artists expose the tricks of their trade, providing
inspiration and insight into how they created their artwork – including
work from hot new talents to legendary names such as H. R. Giger. From
conventional media such as paint and pencil to stained-glass and
digital creations, this book covers a wide range of artforms,
demonstrating that this dark genre contains far more colour, diversity
and skill than most would ever have imagined."


You can win a free copy on Juxtapoz.com 

Introduction to Zbrush 3 – FREE HD training online


I’ve put all of my "Introduction to Zbrush 3" training online for FREE (the best part) as a gift to the Zbrush community. I used Vimeo to host them, meaning they are in full resolution HD, available 24/7. I recommend Vimeo to anyone wanting to host tutorials or demo reels, the quality is amazing. I believe it has a lot of good information inside that will help anyone that is looking to learn or improve their skills in Zbrush. Hopefully somebody can find some use out of them before they may become irrelevant due to the new versions. 
I’m personally really excited about Zbrush 3.5..

Chapter list:

Chapter 1 –  Introduction and Hello           3 Minutes

Chapter 2 –  Explanation of Pixols            6 Minutes

Chapter 3 –  Interface                                  40 Mintues
Chapter 4 –  Sculpting                               45 Minutes
Chapter 5 –  Masking and Selection          26 Minutes
Chapter 6 –  Advanced Sculpting              38 Minutes
Chapter 7 –  Zspheres                               32 Minutes
Chapter 8 –  Subtools                                20 Minutes
Chapter 9 –  Transpose                            12 Minutes
Chapter 10 – Texturing Techniques           36 Minutes
Chapter 11 – Matcapture                           14 Minutes
Chapter 12 – Retopology                           60 Minutes
Chapter 13 – Simple Displacements           16 Minutes
Chapter 14 – Illustration Techniques             10 Minutes

Click Here to go to the Zbrush 3 videos on 3dArtSpace.com.

Click Here to go to Vimeo for Zbrush 3 videos.  

For more up-to-date videos, see Gnomonology.com.

Lucky Strike Art Show

Lucky Strike Lanes has my artwork playing on their screens in all 21 locations.  A spanking new Lucky Strike has just opened in Downtown Los Angeles at the L.A. Live entertainment campus.  My art has been looping there since 2003.

Press artist graphic to view all artists on display.

Gnomon Gallery video interview


Cgchannel.com has a nice feature write-up about the opening night of the Gnomon Gallery RabbitHoles hologram show in Hollywood.  Click HERE to read.


Video interviews from the show are available for your viewing pleasure.


 Gnomon Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM.
The RabbitHoles show will run until September 17th. 



Digital Sculpture Animation Compiltation


I used Pixologic Zbrush to sculpt the characters, Autodesk Maya to rig,
animate, light and render the scenes, 2D3 Boujou for video motion
tracking, and Adobe After Effects for final compositing.

0;00;00;00 Levi’s Copper Man sculpture tests
0;00;11;02 Digital Sculptures
0;00;43;09 Puscifer "Queen B" music video
0;02;38;08 Puscifer "Dozo" music video
0;03;16;13 TOOL live show animations "10,000 Days" tour

Music: Puscifer "Rev 22 : 20" from the "Underworld" movie soundtrack.
Puscifer.com for more.

CGW cover and feature story – Siggraph 2008

I got the cover and feature story for the Computer Graphics World magazines August issue.

(Volume: 31 Issue: 8)


"This year’s SIGGRAPH conference is acknowledging the dynamic shift
toward 3D in the entertainment industry, not only by the two days of
programming on the subject, but also by commissioning veteran animation
artist Meats Meier to create a digital hologram to serve as the
centerpiece for the conference and the exhibition’s newly revamped
Computer Animation Festival. "


You can read the feature story here at the CGW website.
The article was written by Linda Law.

Life size print at the RabbitHoles holographic exhibit in the west hall.  There was another mirrored version on the opposite side.  A few other artists holograms (from the Gnomon Gallery show) were also on display.

A close up of one of the large banners inside the Los Angeles convention center.


  Also mentioned in this RENDEROSITY.com article about the show (interview with Jill Smolen, conference director).


PIXOLOGIC.com has me on their front page currently, with a few details about how I used Zbrush (along with Maya and Groboto) to create the image.



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