Banksy – Through My Lens

Banksy dropped off some art for us after his
film premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre a few weeks ago. His statement
is dead on for this area.


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Mysterious Graffiti Artist "Banksy" Leaves Mark on L.A.

Art experts say buildings tagged by "Banksy" may double in


LOS ANGELES — A secretive and highly-sought-after British graffiti
artist has left his mark in the Los Angeles area, and some say the value
of the buildings he chose as his canvas may have just doubled in value.

"Banksy" is known for his satirical public artwork. Not too many people
know what he looks like, but they sure know his markings.

The elusive artist left his mark on two downtown Los Angeles buildings
over the weekend. And what some might call graffiti, others consider
his vandalism a rare collectible.

"He has a huge amount of street credit for the fact that he’s done all
these things so public against the law and never been caught," gallery
owner Robert Berman said.

Folks in London actually seek out properties with Banksy’s markings.

"I’ve seen graffiti pieces of his worth
hundreds of thousands of dollars," Berman said.

An ordinary parking lot in downtown Los Angeles may have just gone up in
value as well after it was subtly transformed by the street artist.

What once said "Parking" now reads "Park" with a girl on a swing hanging
from the letter A.

Building owners Tarina Tarantion and Alfonso Campos say they’re going to
preserve Banksy’s masterpiece.

"We’re huge fans of this type of art and we want to make sure that it’s
preserved so we’re going to do whatever we can, take steps to make sure
that happens," Tarantion said.

The owners say they’re going to place a large piece of plexiglass over
the artwork and frame it.

Banksy’s second L.A. display on La Brea featured a police officer
holding a balloon dog — an apparent jab at American artist Jeff Koons.

Both are apparently among several portraits popping up around town.

One of his pieces was quickly cut down, possibly stolen.

Banksy’s artwork coincidentally showed up at the same time his movie
"Exit through the Gift Shop" premiered in Los Angeles.

KTLA attempted to find the man behind the valuable graffiti but, to no
surprise, he was nowhere to be found.