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Meats Meier hasn’t put a pencil down since the time he drew Superman when he was two. Creating art that pulls you inside a world of complex forms and shapes, Meats communicates a strange universe of commingled mechanics and organics. By using Maya, ZBrush, and Photoshop, he has the freedom to explore infinite variations of his vision in multiple dimensions. With themes that include nature, toys, childhood, and vision, he allows us to look at the world around us with entirely new eyes.Jill Smolen 

Meats Meier is currently a freelance illustrator and animator living in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  He taught the first ever ZBrush course at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and is the author of the very popular “Introduction to ZBrush” training DVD produced by the Gnomon Workshop. Meats is also an award-winning digital artist (including two Expose’ Master awards) with over a decade of experience in a wide range of artistic fields. Meats feature film credits include “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” and “Hellboy” as a technical director and compositer. He has also worked as an airbrush artist, lead artist at a video game studio (Beyond Games), and has had a successful career as an independent artist and illustrator. Meier’s artwork is on the cover of numerous books, magazines, and web sites and he was honored with the prestigious “Maya Master” title by Alias at SIGGRAPH 2003.  In 2006, Meats helped with the stereoscopic graphics for the cover of the TOOL album “10,000 Days” and now continues to work on animations along side Chet Zar and Camella Grace for their live touring concerts.

Demo Reels:


Demo Reel   (animation compilation)     (2006)        Click on Image to view.


Demo Reel   (animation compilation)     (2003)        Click on Image to view.


 Video Interviews:

Gnomon Workshop Interview
(2006)  Click on Image to view.


Independent Film Channel Interview (2002) Click on Image to view.


My artwork and I have been featured in the following books:


 CGI:  The Art of the 3D Computer Generated Image 


Peter Weisher  2004


5 pages of images featured.



Digtial 3D Design


Simon Danaher    ILEX    2004


2 pages of biography and Images.


Spectrum 10: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art
Underwood Books  2003


2 Images selected. The image Gas-mask was nominated for an award.


Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop

Daniel Gray    Sybex   2004

14 pages of Bio and Images, as well as a tutorial on how I created the image “Mother Nature”.

I also provided the cover image.


Expose 1

Ballistic Publishing 2003

Excellence and Master awards.

6 images printed.



Expose 3
Ballistic Publishing 2005


 Master Award winner in the “Robotic/Cyborg 3D” category.


D’artiste Character Modeling
Ballistic Publishing 2005


Invited by co-author Francisco A. Cortina to appear in the artist selected gallery.

Maya 4 Fundamentals
Jim Lammers with Lee Gooding
New Riders Publishing


Two images printed in color gallery section.

Maya 4.5 Fundamentals


Jim Lammers with Lee Gooding
New Riders Publishing

 One image printed in color gallery section.

Inside Maya 5



 Mark Adams, Erick Miller, Max Sims


New Riders Publishing

I Provided the cover graphics.
“About the Artist” biography on the inside cover.

Maya 6 Visual Quickstart Guide
Danny Riddell, Adrian Diamond


Two images printed in color gallery section.

Getting Started with Maya 7
Alias Products


Maya 7 Signature Image.

iFilm Internet Movie Guide

My short film “The Future of Art” was listed #42 out of 100 in this books top 100 short films on the web section.


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