A.D.D. Zbrush for Illustration

The creation of the image "Arm Upgrade" was originally screen-captured real time, finishing with a total of around 21 hours of footage. It was then edited down to 323 minutes of lecture and detailed explanation for the Gnomon Workshop training dvd – "Zbrush for illustration".  In the dvd, I explained my techniques for using Zbrush 2 (!) to create a high resolution illustration from scratch. I build the 3d elements directly on the canvas and then arrange them into an composition and render the final image using the internal Zbrush renderer.  This DVD is out of date now, most of the techniques that I used don’t even work anymore in the new version.





I’ve created a version for people with really low attention spans, now the entire video is under five minutes.  I’ve also added music by Lustmord so that blind people aren’t completely left out.   This version is also great for robots or aliens that can scan through web or book pages in an effort to quickly understand a concept over the course of a single quick-cut montage.  No learning will occur during the viewing of this video for standard humans.


YouTube comments on this video HERE.



At the Lustmord studios. I was lucky to get out alive.


A high resolution print of the "Arm Upgrade" image in the background.

There is nothing interesting happening in the foreground.