Digital Sculpture Animation Compiltation


I used Pixologic Zbrush to sculpt the characters, Autodesk Maya to rig,
animate, light and render the scenes, 2D3 Boujou for video motion
tracking, and Adobe After Effects for final compositing.

0;00;00;00 Levi’s Copper Man sculpture tests
0;00;11;02 Digital Sculptures
0;00;43;09 Puscifer "Queen B" music video
0;02;38;08 Puscifer "Dozo" music video
0;03;16;13 TOOL live show animations "10,000 Days" tour

Music: Puscifer "Rev 22 : 20" from the "Underworld" movie soundtrack. for more.

Gnomon Gallery video interview has a nice feature write-up about the opening night of the Gnomon Gallery RabbitHoles hologram show in Hollywood.  Click HERE to read.


Video interviews from the show are available for your viewing pleasure.


 Gnomon Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM.
The RabbitHoles show will run until September 17th.