Puscifer Vinyl Album Cover Art

Puscifer released several new items today, including two 7" vinyl record albums that have my art on the covers. 


Front of DoZo 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song DoZo and a Lustmord "Guns for Hire" mix. 




DoZo 7" Vinyl back cover art 



Front of Queen B 7" Vinyl – Album contains the song Queen B and a Lustmord  Trip E mix.




Queen B 7" Vinyl back cover art


Also released today is the "V is for Viagra" remix album (which I love).

All are available at the Puscifer.com website

Puscifer.com > Ltd. Edition Items & Art

Suicide Girls "V is for Viagra" Mjk interview 



Listen on the Puscifer Myspace page HERE.

It’s Art Interview

It’s Art Magazine has re-released the interview that I did with them last year.



"Here is an opportunity to
discover this protean artist and experimental genius who constantly
re-invents an art form which is just coming into being."   Interview Here.


I’ve also been selected to be on the jury for the upcoming IT’S ART 3D and 2D contest – June 1st – October 15th – "We, Humans"


Live Painting with Green Jello

I did a live airbrush painting of a little pig baby painting while the legendary band "Green Jello" rocked out for the crowd at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  The show was sponsored by Amoeba Records and called undergrounDNUOS.



The live song "The Three Little Pigs" in this video was used by permission from Bill Manspeaker

Also shown at SketchTheatre.com    (Thanks Lily)

Puscifer DoZo music video

 I had the pleasure of working with Maynard James Keenan again on another video for his side-project band Puscifer.  This time it’s for the song DoZo, which is one of my favorites on the album "V is for Vagina".
The video, which combines live action and 3D animated characters, was about 50 % hand-animated and 50% motion captured acting from Maynard, which was done at the Nexus Digital Studios stage.  I have to hand it to the guy, I had him jumping around like a crazed ninja for a few hours, and then not much later that night he performed for a sold out TOOL concert in the Los Angeles Nokia Center. 



The Video can now be viewed on YouTube:



The DoZo video single will be out soon and can be purchased on the Puscifer.com website.

It contains several bonus features, including a holographic commentary featuring Mjk and myself.



I also designed the front, back, and inside graphics for this DVD single.


Major thanks to my friend Patrick Surace, who really helped me out and made it possible to get it done on time.
Also, props to Benjamin Dean who modeled some…… props!