Siggraph 2007

Siggraph (the largest digital art and technology show) was a lot of fun (work) this year.

I was in the middle of the Puscifer video project, so my assistant Dean Deakyne and I were forced to load up our equipment and drive it all down to San Diego so the deadlines could still be met.


 Dean working during Siggraph in the W Hotel as others were having a good time.



Pixologic had a large banner advertising my artwork .


I gave a quick lecture at the Gnomon booth where I was also showing off my first few pieces of holographic motion art.
I’ve partnered with the company that has the technology – Rabbitholes ( and plan to really push the boundaries of this new art medium.  Collectors can look for my pieces soon in galleries near them.



"The All Knowing" Seen from the left 

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Introduction to Zbrush 3 DVD released


My new training DVD, Introduction to Zbrush 3 has been released. 

Being a member of the core beta team allowed me to follow the
progression of the new Zbrush as it developed and to really deeply learn
the new features inside and out.  I spent a lot of time familiarizing
myself with the possibilities of the program as I tested the new tools
and working processes. I’m still really stunned at the power that this
3rd installment of Zbrush provides and am excited to be able to share my
knowledge with both new digital artists and professionals alike!

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Meats News Updates

New Interview at the beinArt Surreal Collective:


new interview with the beinArt Surreal Collective is up – read all
about the wonderful wacky world of….uh…me (and my adventures as a
digital artist in the year 2000 and beyond).

Read interview <HERE>


Google Update:


This site has hit the top ten in most 3d catagories in a Google search.

Search for 3d art      =   #4 out of 104 million

Search for 3d artist  =   #5 out of 2 million 


 Working with Maynard:


I’ve been working with Maynard (TOOL,Perfect Circle) on two videos for his project band Puscifer
We’ve started on production for the first video recently. I had MJK
scanned into a 3D model, and I am now making him do things like
virtually break-dance and professionally river-dance using motion
capture technology.  I can’t show any images or animations yet, but I
really can’t wait until I can – it’s some of my best work yet
IMHO…and it’s for a really cool song.
There will be much more to follow….

He hopes to release the Puscifer album in September.

In the mean-time, there is  Cuntry Boner … 🙂

Puscifer website